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Want to join the Feel Good Foods team?

We are hiring an office manager to work out of our Brooklyn office. The job will include:

- MUST have Quickbooks experience

- Bank deposits

- administrative responsibility

- communication with retail stores

- events

- customer outreach

Knowledge of the gluten-free market is required. It is also a huge plus if you have worked in the food and beverage space. Salary depends on experience. Email your resume with a cover letter to vanessa@feelgf.com

Helping a Gluten-Free Friend

There are several reasons why one decides to try a gluten-free diet. It may be for medical reasons, because a friend tells them about it, or because they are experimenting with different ways to be healthier. For those who adhere to a gluten-free diet for medical reasons, understands the trials and tribulations associated with eating gluten-free. It takes a long time to feel better, there is a huge learning curve and there are times where you will inadvertently ingest gluten. Anyone eating gluten-free knows what we’re talking about; a restaurant makes a mistake and you are sick in bed for weeks. Its a horrible truth to living gluten-free and can make the lifestyle very challenging.

We recently had a customer, Sara, email us for advice. Sara was diagnosed with celiac disease 5 years ago and adheres to a gluten-free diet. Yet she still has symptoms of joint and bone pain. She doesn’t know why she is still feeling symptoms and asked if we would pose the topic to our community. She wants to know if there are others who don’t feel 100% better on a gluten-free diet. She is strict and tries her best to always eat gluten-free and feels like all of her symptoms should have gone away. Is there anything else she should try? We are opening the discussion here and hope others will feel free to chime in. Thanks in advance for helping Sara on her road to discovery and health.

Meet Vanessa Phillips!

Did you know Feel Good Foods co-founder is a celiac?

Vanessa Phillips started Feel Good Foods with her husband 3 years ago. Why? Because she had been living gluten-free for 5 years and desperately missed chinese dumplings. She  knew she was not alone and that many other gluten-free eaters were missing Chinese food too. Read her story below:

As someone who maintains a gluten-free diet due to celiac, I still want to be able to enjoy my favorite foods. And I know you do too. Lucky for us, my husband’s a chef!

When I first met Tryg, while working at a restaurant, he discovered that I couldn’t eat the staff meals he prepared so he cooked a special out-of-this-world gluten-free meal – just for me. Needless to say, it was love at first bite!

We opened a restaurant of our own, where we served gluten-free versions of every item on the menu to rave reviews. I was in food bliss and finally could enjoy all the foods I had been craving for so long.

Now married, we founded Feel Good Foods with one goal in mind: create gluten-free food where taste and quality are our top priorities. Each recipe starts in our home kitchen, perfected by Tryg and overwhelmingly approved by yours truly. The gluten-free cooking and experimenting is still going on. If there is a meal or favorite food that you miss-email me. I will have Tryg try to create it. And who knows? It may later become part of our food line! 

Chef Tryg featured on the Better Show

Chef Tryg was a guest on the Better Show! He prepared one of his staple and delicious gluten-free recipes-leek and ginger fried rice with a over easy egg. In this clip you will see how easy it is to cook gluten-free, without compromising on flavor! We have included the full recipe so you can prepare this dish at home.


To watch the video click on this link! 

New Whole Foods Market Locations

Feel Good Foods has had an exciting few weeks. We just found out we were accepted into the Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions of Whole Foods Market. This will now put our gluten-free dumplings and egg rolls on Whole Foods shelves in the following states: Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and Utah! You can find us at those Whole Foods Markets as soon as February 2014!

For specific store locations please visit our Where To Buy Page

We feel so grateful for customers demanding our products. We love all the requests we get and hope to be on many more store shelves after the new year. Thanks for giving us the momentum! As awlays, we promise to keep our fans posted on new store locations.



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Verdict is out: People Love our Gluten-Free Dumplings & Egg Rolls

Watch this video to see the reactions of people when they taste our gluten-free dumplings & egg rolls for the first time! Seems like the Feel Good Foods family are not the only ones who LOVE them!



Baby Led Weaning

Hi, I’m Vanessa, Feel Good Food’s co-founder. I wanted to write a post today abut the experience I have had feeding my baby. I have a 10-month old son, named Finn.  When Finn was born I made a commitment to feeding him healthy, wholesome foods. I  grew up as lover of food and remember exploring and eating all different foods from a very early age. So when Finn was born, the idea of jarred or pureed baby food did not appeal me. I wanted him to be able to taste the food he was eating and considering that our taste buds are located all over our tongue, I wasn’t sure how much he would really be tasting if I jammed pureed food down his throat.

When Finn turned 6 months old I took him on a routine visit to the pediatrician. The doctor told me he was ready for solid foods. I was excited but still felt there had to be more options for him, other then the traditional route of introducing him to baby food. Then the doctor mentioned something I had never heard of before. Baby Led Weaning (BLW). Baby Led Weaning  means letting your child feed themselves from the very start of weaning. The baby can eat anything (except honey) and can also feed themselves. This really intrigued me. I went through a list of foods to his doctor asking, “what about sauteed kale or grilled chicken,” and the doctor replied, “there is no need to puree his food. Cook for him like you are cooking for yourself. He will figure out how to eat it.”

Considering that my 6-month old didn’t have teeth yet, I had a hard time grasping how this could work. I was very concerned about the hazards of eating this way. However, my pediatrician explained that as long as babies can sit upright, they should be fine. The fact that babies can control the amount they’re eating, and move it to the back of their mouths when they’re ready, means the risk of choking is minimal. So, I went home that night and made him sauteed spinach and bite-sized pieces of roasted sweet potatoes. I put the food on the tray of his high chair and to my amazement he fed himself. From that moment on, I vowed to feed my baby whatever I cooked for myself, and to not use a food processor, potato masher, or ricer. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the few first weeks were scary and I would watch my baby eat in panic. Also, this method can be messier. Until he got the hang of things he did throw some of his meal on the floor or across the room. But other than needing to clean up a bit more, he ate like a pro!photo

Even though he is only 10-months old today, we already have family dinners. Whether we are munching on turkey meatloaf, mac n cheese or grilled salmon, Finn eats whatever we eat! It has been an amazing process. I am constantly told by friends and family that they have never seen a baby who eats like mine. Truthfully, babies don’t have to eat baby food and eating habits begin when babies are first introduced to food. I encourage moms and dads to do their own research. And moreover, check out our kid-friendly recipes and tell us if your baby enjoys them!



Have a Suggestion?


Chef Tryg loves to cook gluten-free. Inspired by his wife, Vanessa, he spends all of his free time crafting gluten-free dishes for her to enjoy.

Vanessa’s favorite food? Chinese cuisine! So Chef Tryg has been busy in the kitchen cooking up some of her favorite dishes in a gluten-free version. If there is a Chinese dish you really miss please share them. Your suggestions will be tested by Chef Tryg and could even wind up as part of Feel Good Foods frozen retail line.

Tell us what you wish was inside this chinese take-out box?

Please post your suggestions to our facebook page @ facebook.com/feelgoodfoods



Interview with Chef Tryg: The Chef behind Feel Good Foods

1149270_509358889148743_1827583723_oHave you ever wondered about the chef behind Feel Good Foods? Those delicious gluten-free dumplings and egg rolls didn’t magically appear on their own. In fact, they took years of hard work to perfect. Chef Tryg recently sat down with freelance journalist Linda Zhang. She asked Tryg about his love for all things gluten-free, including Chef Tryg’s dumplings and egg rolls. We have shared her interview below.

By: Linda Zhang

Chef Tryg, Feel Good Foods co-founder,  started cooking gluten-free when his wife Vanessa, Feel Good Foods other co-founder, challenged him to the test. Vanessa was on a gluten-free diet due to celiac and had missed Chinese food terribly. Based on Vanessa’s longing for her favorite Asian foods, Tryg developed a first-of-its-kind gluten-free dumpling recipe. And let’s just say, it was love at first bite. From there he went on to create the first-of-its-kind gluten-free egg rolls. After Vanessa tasted Chef Tryg’s creations she decided these recipes needed to be shared with the  rest of the world. Below is an interview with Chef Tryg on his background, cooking for Vanessa and his future hopes for Feel Good Foods.

Question: Did you know from an early age that you wanted to be a chef?

Chef Tryg: Most of my childhood memories centered on food. My mom was an incredible home cook and a early culinary influence. I also grew up on a dairy farm in Central Florida so I developed at an early age an appreciation for the origins of food and culinary arts.

Question: Where did you get your training?

Chef Tryg:  I graduated from The Culinary Institute of America in New York and gained experience working in many New York restaurants including Nobu and Spice Market. I also had a love for Asian cusine and when I met Vanessa I was instantly passionate about cooking gluten-free Asian food.

Question: Had you ever cooked gluten-free before meeting Vanessa?

Chef Tryg: Truthfully, I didn’t know much about cooking without gluten, prior to meeting Vanessa. I knew fundamentally what gluten was, but that was about it. When I met Vanessa and she explained all the foods she had to avoid I was immediately up for the challenge. As a chef, I want people to be able to enjoy food, despite their dietary restrictions. So I was eager to bring her some of her favorite foods in a gluten-free version.

Question: Do you eat Feel Good Foods gluten-free dumplings and egg rolls?

Chef Tryg: Yes! All the time. I always keep a stock pile in my freezer and both Vanessa and I eat them at home. They are great for lazy nights as well as an appetizer for when we have friends over. I tend to be very picky with gluten-free food and have traveled throughout Asia and worked at very high end Asian restaurants. So, I have enjoyed delicious dim sum in my day. I think the gluten-free dumplings and egg rolls taste as good as the real thing.

Question: What is the best part about your job?

Chef Tryg: That’s an easy answer! Being able to prepare the foods my wife misses is such a gratifying feeling. Her requests always keep me on my toes and watching her eat with a smile is very rewarding.

Question: Are there plans for future products?

Chef Tryg: I have several other gluten-free dishes in the works.

In the Know: This Week in Gluten Free News

We’ve rounded up the week’s top gluten-free stories below. Read any relevant articles you’d like to share with us and the Feel Good Foods community? Please do! Leave a link in the reply section below, or share with us via Facebook or Twitter.

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In the Know: This Week in Gluten Free News

From the continued news about FDA regulations to gluten-free beer and communion wafers, there’s no shortage of gluten-free chatter. We’ve rounded up these stories and others we found most noteworthy this week below.

Read any relevant articles you’d like to share with us and the Feel Good Foods community? Please do! Leave a link in the reply section below, or share with us via Facebook or Twitter.


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